Iain Dale: Bullshitter

According to Wikio Iain Dale is the most influential blogger in the UK. This is disappointing, not only because he talks shit about immigration and repeats tabloid lies, but also because he is far more a political spinner than a real blogger. For example, his comments regarding the BBC election night exit poll were as follows:

So the exit poll shows the Tories on 307 seats, 19 short of an overall majority. Don’t panic chaps and chapesses. My view is that by 4am this poll will have been shown to be wrong. It seems too incredible to be true that the LibDems are only predicted to get 59 seats. I’ll run naked down Whitehall if that turns out to be true.

Like the majority of people that comment on this post I can clearly see that Iain means: ‘if the Liberal Democrats don’t get more than 59 seats I will run naked down Whitehall.’ He is, of course, referring to the pre-election polls that had the Liberal Democrats far higher than previous elections and the expectations that this would lead to an increase in seats.

In a follow up post Iain Dale makes this clear calling it ‘an astonishing night… what no one predicted was the disastrous night the LibDems have experienced’, and points out that they will end up with fewer seats than last time. So, surely Iain Dale will now be running naked down Whitehall as promised?

No, of course not, because Iain Dale is a bullshitter. Laughably he is claiming that he would only need to fulfill the promise only if the Liberal Democrats end up with exactly 59 seats, rather than his real original meaning, which was that he couldn’t believe the LibDems would end with 59 seats or fewer:

The LibDem performance was all over the place. They lost many more seats to the Conservatives than anyone thought, but still managed to gain several seats too – Wells, Eastbourne and Solihull being three. They also won several Labour seats like Redcar and Norwich South. They have also lost a lot of seats in the South West to the Conservatives. Bizarre. I just hope they don’t end up on 59 seats, as the exit poll predicted, otherwise I might have a rather unpleasant duty to perform (see post below).

If you wanted to try and maintain any credibility as a real blogger at all you would admit that this wasn’t what you meant at all and you should be preparing yourself for a spot of naked jogging. More top blogging from Britain’s ‘best’.


  • Primly Stable says:

    He used to be quite entertaining and insightful by right-wing blogger standards, even willing to criticise his party from time to time. But about 18 months ago he started to become more and more one-sided, eventually reaching a point where anything Cameron said or did was treated as God-like genius while anything coming from Brown was rejected as idiotic and over-spun. Basically he became an extension of the right-wing press, and I see enough of their crap already.

    I’m sure it’s no coincidence that his very public drift to the right came as he redoubled his efforts to get selected as a Tory candidate for Parliament. Obviously decided that anything other than shamelessly toeing the party line didn’t play in the shires.

    Guido is an absolute nutter and I disagree with him on pretty much everything, but at least he’s an equal opportunities tosser – he hates everyone equally.

  • Alex says:

    Given that he’s a blogger (ie someone whose work is essentially self-published) he’s very dismissive of “the little people” when they have the cheek to disagree with a revered expert such as him. He went absolutely mental when some guy who works for Heat magazine tried to comment on the election. And right now, while loads of Twitterers are complaining about the BBC dismissing Billy Bragg as a “self-appointed political commentator”, Dale is supporting the BBC and complaining about Bragg talking “absolute bollocks” for suggesting that the Lib-Dems could go into a power-sharing agreement with Labour if they replace Brown with David Miliband. Real tone of “how dare he comment on lofty matters, he’s just a pop singer”.

    Ironic, given his massively wide of the mark remarks about the exit poll!

  • Claude says:

    I think both Dale and Guido are given far too much importance. Who cares about the crap they come up with?
    The biggest favour you can do to either of them is to write about what they say/do and further feed their ego.

  • captain swing says:

    I have no idea why Iain Dale is such a prominent blogger. I guess he was just in the right place at the right time in the blogosphere.

    If he started up today he’d be just another blogger and virtually ignored, which is the correct response to him anyway.