Jumping to conclusions…

The Mail wasn’t alone in blaming ‘yobs’ for a ‘sick prank’, but I’m too busy to round up just how many news outlets churnalised this story so I’ll just focus on the Mail’s coverage:

Pink cat and yobs

Followed up by this, just two days later:

Pink Cat

The Daily Mail is quick to point out that it was the RSPCA that had jumped to conclusions:

A nationwide appeal was launched to find the person responsible for dyeing her white fur, with animal welfare officers believing it was a sick prank.

Of course, the Daily Mail didn’t believe it was a sick prank and made this clear in the original article:

Perhaps she’s blushing at her new appearance. It’s difficult to tell right now.

For some prankster has dyed this white cat a rather fetching shade of pink.


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  • G says:

    This comment made me laugh (voted up lots and lots ofcourse):

    Go home folks….nothing to see here….just an over reaction by the PC police….move on….go home.

    - steve, orrs island,maine USA, 27/9/2010 12:52

    From this:

    Daily Mail = PC Brigade.
    Daily Mail hates PC Brigade.
    Daily Mail hates Daily Mail.

    No wonder it churns out so much sh*t! No self respect for itself. No newspaper that prints the crap the DM prints can be considered self-respecting. And if they do, they are delusional.