Monthly Archives: September 2010

The Daily Mail vs humanity

Cardinal Walter Kasper’s comments that landing in Heathrow was like landing ‘in a third world country’ was clearly a complaint that Britain has far too many awful black people and foreigners. The comment seems rather strange, given that the defense wheeled out for the Catholic Church is always along the lines of: ‘Sure, they raped […]

Flicking through the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail gleefully reported the comments of Tony McGuirk – chief fire officer of Merseyside, salary: over £200,000 a year – accusing the public sector of being ‘Riddled with the bone idle’. Given that the Daily Mail pays columnists such as Richard Littlejohn nearly a million pounds a year for churning out 1 or […]

Top quality science journalism from the Daily Mail

The Mediablog has a theory that the Daily Mail website is becoming more purposefully offensive in order to attract more visits. They suggested that after the 21% rise in website traffic after Jan Moir’s Stephen Gately article the Daily Mail realised that a visitor is a visitor, no matter whether they despise your output or […]

It’s always the Muslims, even when it clearly isn’t

Another story in immigration in the Daily Mail today claiming that Britain is attracting more immigrants than other European countries: ‘How Britain attracts more migrants than France AND Germany‘. In the article the Daily Mail points out that: Germany, which no longer accepts unskilled migrants and which declined to accept Eastern European workers when Poland […]

Wishing for just a little bit of context

Occasionally a story comes along and the shoddy and dishonest way it is reported really makes me realise why I spend time writing this blog. This isn’t the case of a ‘few bad apples’ but a universal, consistent and poisonous misrepresentation of reality. Spotting the obvious lies is easy, but when a story lingers on […]