Richard Littlejohn: ‘no excuse’ for ‘lazy, biased reporting’

Richard Littlejohn – unsurprisingly – has no sympathy for the ‘self-pitying grumbles of the “victims”‘ of the government cuts. He identifies the ‘victims’ as:

from bone-idle Welsh benefit bandits who can’t be bothered to catch a bus five miles to get a job, to middle-class teaching assistants complaining that the ‘cuts’ will mean they’ll have to forego one of their foreign holidays next year.

The Welsh reference seems to be made about what I overheard being repeated on Radio 4 this morning, the unemployed residents of Merthyr Tydfil – along with Blaenau Gwent it has the highest level of benefits reliance in the UK – could get a bus to Cardiff where there are jobs. The thing is, the distance is 20 miles not 5, which Richard would have known had he done even the slightest bit of checking.

The next point is really offensive, attacking those notoriously overpaid and under-worked ‘middle-class’ teaching assistants. Firstly, the term middle-class does not mean middle-earner when the Daily Mail uses it. In the past they have claimed that the ‘middle class’ was being slammed based on a single-parent family with one salary of £50,000 per annum. Yet the true average wage in the UK is just £26,020, whilst the median gross annual earnings are even less at £20,801 – this is the salary point at which half of the country earns more than you and half less.

So, presumably Richard wants to imply that teaching assistants earn huge salaries and that the ‘cuts’ (which he refers to in inverted commas as if they are some kind of invention for fuck’s sake) might only affect their ability to have a second foreign holiday! These bloody teaching assistants! The thing is the average salary for teaching assistants is actually around £15,153, they are poorly paid and often limited to term-time only contracts – meaning their actual salary is far less than this. Richard Littlejohn as ever revels in bullying the poor from the luxury of his Florida mansion paid for by writing not even two columns a week in which he recycles stories he has read in the Mail.

In a final, astonishingly hypocritical insult he then declares that the cuts are not actually bad at all, its just a media invention:

This sense of grievance is fed by the broadcast media with its endless stage-managed, vested-interest ‘case studies’ intended to terrify the ‘most vulnerable in society’.

I’ve worked in TV and know how ­difficult it is to fill half an hour, let alone a voracious 24-hour news ­channel. But that’s no excuse for some of the lazy, biased reporting.

There is ‘no excuse’ for ‘lazy, biased reporting’? Then do the decent thing and resign Richard. To think that I was actually starting to feel sorry for this clueless, inhuman piece of shit.


  • So a millionaire journalist who spends half the year living in Florida and believes every article his colleagues produce doesn’t see what all the fuss is about with spending cuts? Now there’s a surprise.

  • To be fair, Littlejohn’s daughter managed to find herself a job on a national newspaper despite having the journalistic talent of brain-dead snail in a blender. Obviously these lazy Welsh slackers just need to get off their arses and find a famous parent who can get them a job with the organisation they work for.

    That or bugger off to America under cover of darkness / marry the local rich industrialist.

  • Dan Factor says:

    Yes Littlejohn is a fast rate plank!

  • I’m so sorry, but I had to walk away and calm down after reading that first paragraph from Littledick because he made me so angry.

    I’m a TA. My annual wage is so low that I don’t even qualify to pay tax. Foreign holidays? Ha! Any holiday would be nice. It’s a challenging job with little reward but the difference you can make to the lives of young people and their future. What qualifies this ridiculous bigot to comment, bearing in mind his near £1m salary for writing a few hundred words of bitter vitriol once a week? Perhaps he would prefer us to be altruistic and not get paid at all.

    If Littledick doesn’t live in the UK and can’t even be bothered to find out the distance from Merthyr Tydfil to Cardiff, why is he still employed to write this drivel?

  • alienfromzog says:

    I think RLJ has just written his own epitaph:

    “There is no excuse for some of the lazy, biased reporting.”


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