Monthly Archives: October 2010

Brutal positioning

Some pretty poor picture placement from the Gwent Gazette: I feel pretty sorry for the councillor pictured who was probably pleased with getting some good publicity only to have a picture of himself looking as if he is a ‘brutal pervert’ trying to tempt a bunch of children with some cake. What surprises me most […]

Littlejohn making a living from making it up

Richard Littlejohn is rather proud of the fact that he makes a living from writing about ‘elf ‘n’ safety’, presumably this is because he genuinely thinks he is performing some kind of public service by cataloging all these examples of health and safety ‘madness’. Sadly, as Tabloid Watch has posted today, he is guilty – […]

How the media and the rich collude to fight the poor

In August a blog post on Sir Philip Green being a ‘tax avoider’ over on Liberal Conspiracy started quite a long debate in the comments over whether Philip Green was really doing anything wrong. The two sides of the arguments can be summarised as: Why should anyone structure their business or their self-employed working practice […]

The Unacceptable state of medical reporting

A recent study found that when compression-only CPR was conducted by bystanders with the assistance of a dispatcher the survival rate of victims suffering from cardiac arrest improved. The NHS Behind the headlines team point out that the researchers ‘do not advocate from their findings that people should make a deliberate decision to avoid mouth-to-mouth […]

Money for nothing

Peter Hitchens is somehow paid for being a hateful little man. If one writer really embodies the backward, bigoted bitterness that is the Daily Mail then it is him. Staggeringly misogynistic, sneeringly homophobic and unflinchingly elitist his latest column argues that university is a place where people become ‘parasites’ and learn nothing whilst wasting taxpayers […]

‘Daily Mail Diamonds’

I would dearly love to interview this couple to get their opinion on the world; from the Daily Mail Letters page today: Daily Mail Diamonds My husband (aged 85) and I (83) can beat Brian Toon’s brother-in-law’s parents (Letters) for the longest readership of the Daily Mail’s lively pages. Last week we celebrated our Diamond […]

The terminally stupid Richard Littlejohn deserves our sympathy

I know it is not news that Richard Littlejohn has no compassion or empathy for anybody deemed foreign to him – or unworthy of life in his eyes – but his column today demonstrates just how deep his misanthropic xenophobia runs in that he cannot even comprehend how anyone else could be compassionate about somebody […]

Duncan Bannatyne now wrong about the Equality Act in the Telegraph

Duncan Bannatyne wrote a piece of ill-informed outrage over the new Equality Act for the Daily Mail which was taken apart superbly by Darren Newman, an employment expert. Whenever you are knowledgeable about a certain subject you suffer the misfortune of knowing how terribly poor the media coverage is of that subject – and I’m […]

Mailbait, perversion and hypocrisy

The Daily Mail has a worrying obsession with young girls / women and it is deeply unpleasant and very hypocritical. Today’s article really seems to be wallowing in obsessive detail about the lack of bra on a 17 year old and the presence of a bra on a 10 year old – yes, a 10 […]