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Are they ‘bonkers’?

I read this in the print edition of the Daily Mail today and was struck once again by just what a ludicrously misleading headline and tone was used: ‘Are they bonkers? Council strips tree of conkers in elf ’n’ safety drive after girl, 4, is injured by falling stick‘. It wasn’t visible on the Mail […]

The BBC repeats health and safety myths

The BBC are not as gleeful as the Daily Mail in reporting that the Tories intend to ‘reduce the health and safety burden’ but they are equally culpable of repeating myths. The article currently on the BBC News website actually takes myths created by tabloid newspapers and repeats them as fact: It follows a number […]

Daily Mail repeats ‘cheese-rolling banned’ myth, again

In March the Daily Mail invented  a new ‘elf ‘n’ safety’ myth: Tabloidwatch covered the myth at the time, pointing out that: as usual with such stories, it’s not entirely accurate. Yes, this year’s race at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester has been cancelled. But: ‘The organisers of the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake regret […]

The Daily Mail on Asbestos

Richard Wilson has an excellent guest post on the Guardian website today on how Daily Mail published an article by Christopher Booker that claimed white Asbestos was ‘relatively harmless’ and that the threat from such products was ‘vanishingly small’. Wilson calmly highlights what the Daily Mail reader probably does not know: What many reading the […]

What a difference your age makes

Tombstoning is one of those ‘crazy’ activities that receives an awful lot of coverage in the Daily Mail each summer: ‘I wish I had died’ says man paralysed after 25ft ‘tombstoning’ leap into just 36 inches of water Tombstoning tragedy as man dies after jumping from danger pier Tombstoning man rescued after 100ft jump goes […]

The Red Arrows respond to Daily Mail lies

A few days ago I did a quick round up of three stories in which the Daily Mail told lies. One of them was this ‘story’: ‘Now health and safety chiefs ban Red Arrows display… because ‘vibrations’ could damage nearby buildings‘ and the article made it absolutely clear that the event was definitely cancelled and […]

The ‘Safety brigade’

A charming piece of guff on the Mail website today: ‘Do you remember your first car? ‘Yes, it cost £150 in 1956 – and I’m still driving it‘. Contains a rather bizarre dig at the ‘safety brigade’ from the car’s owener: He drove it car on the roads of France soon after Caroline was born […]

How the Daily Mail Manipulates Risks and Belittles Health and Safety

An important disclaimer: I am not using real figures in the examples used in this post. Also, the maths is my own, so the examples may well be wrong, as might my shaky understanding of various risks. If so, please feel free to correct me in the comments. Yet more hilarity on the Daily Mail […]