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The Media Agenda

I listened to the segment on Radio 4 this morning that featured London Mayor Boris Johnson and Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson discussing the attack on Charles and Camilla. Part of the discussion focused on why, when it is standard practice in the protection of ‘principles’ to have many alternative routes planned before the vehicle sets […]

I find the Pope’s lack of faith disturbing

The Daily Mail’s claims that ‘militant atheists’, the ‘PC brigade’ and ‘celebrity vendettas’ are out to destroy the Christian faith in Britain have been loud and clear for several years now, but the visit of the Pope has really drawn out just how ludicrous these claims are. It reminds me of the media narrative that […]

First Broken Britain, Now Broken Blobby

I’m sure Daily Mail readers all over the country are again asking: ‘Is nothing sacred in this once-Great Britain’ as today they’ve been subjected to the harrowing, tragic dilapidation and destruction – at the hands of ‘ravers’ no less – of Noel Edmonds’ ‘Blobbyland’. The article – complete with 10 heart-wrenching photos – tries to […]