Dear Paul Dacre

I watched your video on the Daily Mail website in which you celebrated the conviction of David Norris and Gary Dobson and in which you expected the Daily Mail to be praised for securing the conviction thanks to your vainglorious headline back in 1997 that accused 5 men of murder. I listened at your anger that 5 men (boys at the time) could murder a black boy solely because of the colour of his skin, and that when the 5 men left court they swore, and this uncouth behaviour made you even more angry and determined to pursue them.

I listened as you stated that this was a glorious day for British newspapers and the power of journalism; it seemed as though, as ever, you seriously think that the British press and the Daily Mail in general is a force for social good.

But I can’t help but be disgusted by your video and the blatant, bare-faced and shameless hypocrisy of you lecturing people on racism and racial justice when the newspaper you have edited since 1992 isĀ  institutionally racist.

Your Stephen Lawrence headline, your Stephen Lawrence campaign for justice changes nothing.

The Daily Mail is part of a British press that is at worst responsible for creating the racial hatred and fear that exists in so many poorly-educated people in Britain over the last 30 years; or at best can only claim that it hasn’t created any racists, it is just responding to what racist consumers want by printing hateful, dishonest smears against other races. Either way is inexcusable.

Your newspaper is racist and it will still be racist tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. If you had any shame you would remove that video and instead spend your time addressing your role as editor in creating the racial outlook of your newspaper and your newsroom before seeing fit to lecture anyone else on racial hatred.

There are no words powerful enough to describe just what a despicable hypocrite you are.


  • Liz Church says:

    “Glorious”, the word repeated by Dacre earlier, is not one that should be used in the context of a wrong that can never be righted. Justice has caught up with two murderers and it is an opportunity to express relief that part of the job has been done. How awful that anyone should gloat in the circumstances.

  • Soporific says:

    A true manifestation of the devil,if one existed, that this cunt wants to pass off as a human being. His small part in destroying the greatest opportunity this country had to setting an example for the world will be forgotten and understated yet he would rank alongside the worse humankind has produced.Atone and take your life you mischievous bastard before the Saracens decide to take it ,like they probably did with a Crusader great uncle you found out about in your bloodline 10 years ago.

  • Ben says:

    P.S. You’re a cunt.

  • hannanibal says:

    Glorious? A young lad is dead and after many years justice has been served. I see nothing “glorious” in that. I think this man gets a hard-on over revenge.

  • JB says:

    Good piece. To broaden the context slightly, I remember reading about this in Flat Earth News. The following is lifted from Wikipedia;

    “Dacre’s most prominent newspaper campaign was in 1997, against the suspects who were acquitted of the murder in 1993 of the black teenager Stephen Lawrence. According to Nick Davies in Flat Earth News the paper originally intended an attack on the groups arguing for an inquiry into the Lawrence murder, but the paper’s “only black reporter”[16] Hal Austin, on interviewing Neville and Doreen Lawrence, realised that Neville had worked years earlier on Dacre’s Islington house as a plasterer,[14] and the news desk instructed Austin to “Do something sympathetic” about the case.”

  • Joe Hayhurst says:

    Bang on.

    To try to use this tragic tale as a way of diverting attention from the Leveson inquiry’s exposure of the Daily Mail’s illegal and unethical practices is sick – although completely predictable. Dacre is a cunt of the highest order.

    Anyway, let’s take bets on the contents of tomorrow’s Mail: immigration, foreigners, muslims.

  • dan says:

    I’ve never seen someone so nakedly exploitative as Dacre in that ‘interview’. Vile.

  • Charlie says:

    I thought it was the police that secured this conviction*, now I’m glad to find out that it’s actually the newspapers that are running the country (no pun intended).

    *second time around at least.

  • Neville says:

    This is definitely not a triumph for British justice. As this blog, and many others have pointed out, Paul Dacre is a complete hypocrite.

  • Dan Factor says:

    Even The Guardian is praising the Mail! Amazing! Brainless!

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