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PCC responds to Mac swastika cartoon

You might remember the recent court case in which a gay couple won their discrimination case against the hotel owners who turned them away because they were gay. Daily Mail cartoonist ‘Mac’ covered the story by drawing the two men as burly thugs covered in tattoos, one of which really did appear to be a […]

How the media and the rich collude to fight the poor

In August a blog post on Sir Philip Green being a ‘tax avoider’ over on Liberal Conspiracy started quite a long debate in the comments over whether Philip Green was really doing anything wrong. The two sides of the arguments can be summarised as: Why should anyone structure their business or their self-employed working practice […]

The Media Scaremongering that Never Was

The Daily Mail has an article today about who was to blame for the Swine Flu scare: ‘The pandemic that never was: Drug firms ‘encouraged world health body to exaggerate swine flu threat”. In it they level the blame solely at the feet of the World Health Organisation and ‘profit-hungry drug companies spreading fear’ – […]